[rescue] SGI stuff to trade

dave venable venabledavid at qwest.net
Thu Jan 16 21:50:58 CST 2003

to trade for interesting gear,

R10000 195mhz HiImpact, cd sled, hard drive sled, SGI black dat drive in
sled, appx 128 mgs ram, 1 tram, case scuffed on top, otherwise ok,  purple

R4000 200mhz SolidImpact, no hd, cd, ram, case scuffed on top, internals
kind of spotted, I will be glad to part this out for owners of Teal Indigo2s
to upgrade, you need Impact card, backplane, and powersupply.

Irix 5.3 for Impact, I took the shrink wrap off myself
Irix 6.3 with R10000 Impact and applications, I took the shrink wrap off
Irix patches for Indigo R4000, 250 mhz, EX/ZX/XL still sealed.

Power supplies on both units are the correct model number, however, each
unit sometimes just quits. Depends on load, other things, like moon phase,

In Boise Idaho,

dvenable at boisestate.edu

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