[rescue] SunTuner?

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Thu Jan 16 13:16:34 CST 2003

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 11:56:28AM -0500, Joshua D Boyd wrote:
> I keep meaning to mod my Apex.  I plan to make mine a dual boot machine
> since so far the only RCE fix I've seen brakes the front panel display.
> I can't believe how lame the main modders are.  They figure out how to
> copy EEPROMS from one machine to another, but they can't figure out how
> to use the ample manufactors documentation to simply combine the two ROM
> images into one perfect one?

RCE fix?  If I run into a RCE disc, I set the player to region 1, and
it works fine.. (XXX wide-screen version, was the last one I ran into).


bill bradford
mrbill at mrbill.net
austin, texas

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