[rescue] gettin old stuff from universities

lz lordzorcon at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 16 12:49:02 CST 2003

There was a PDP11/23 with two rl02's in the physic's commons at my school being
used as a planter, i wouldn't have known about it but i walked by the room and
saw it... anyway, i went up to the physics chair, and asked if i could have it.
he said... ok. i walked out of there with a pdp11/23 an asr-33 and a bunch of
RK05's not to mention 3 books about the pdp11 arch. on the other hand, the
school also had a sgi i2 that has been sitting in a closet, but since it has an
asset tag, they wouldn't give it to me... so i guess ymmv


> What are the experiences you guys made when talking to scrap dealers? 
> Do they even listen if you try to buy some of their stuff?
> > Now also I found out it might be fairly easy to get old hardware from
> > University's. 
> Depends very much on your contacts. At the universities in "my" town I 
> failed so far in making any helpful contact. 


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