[rescue] Apology

Jeffrey J.Nonken jeff_work at nonken.net
Thu Jan 16 10:45:13 CST 2003

I'm sorry for losing my temper earlier this week. After calming down and
discussing the matter in private email with Dave McGuire, I've concluded that
it was a fundamental difference in premises -- i.e. a big misunderstanding.
And me over-reacting.

I've decided to continue trying to work with the SPARCStations for the time
being, and stay with the list.

I've tabled the PS/2 <--> Sun mouse/keyboard project, mostly due to lack of
time, but somebody else asked for (and received) the references I'd dug up in
the meantime, so it may still get done.

If Michelangelo were a heterosexual, the Sistine Chapel would have been
painted basic white and with a roller. -Rita Mae Brown

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