[rescue] You want balls?

Joshua D Boyd jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu
Thu Jan 16 08:56:00 CST 2003

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 09:39:25AM -0500, Kurt Huhn wrote:
> Joshua D Boyd <jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu> wrote:

> > I don't know what is up with the Max Impact, but the other two machines
> > haven't been turned on from what I can tell since the MU CS dept moved
> > across campus.  The crime of it all.  Two very nice SGIs sitting there
> > unused for over a year and me with no SGI.
> Time to talk to someone with the authority to release those systems...

They are refusing for sentimental reasons or something.  There are 4
systems that weren't used that I'd love.  The other two are Suns with
interested graphics options (dual SS10 w/ ZX, and a 330 with
framegrabber board that does some hardware accelerated processing to
incoming video, and also sends processed video out).

Joshua D. Boyd

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