[rescue] argh, what did I do? (Onyx)

Bjorn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Thu Jan 16 00:57:12 CST 2003

Jochen Kunz wrote:
> Is three phase power really that uncommon in the USA??? In good old
> Germany we have 230 V @ 16 A three phase in every kitchen to feed the
> electric stove. It is also common in home workshops to power various
> biger e-motor driven machinery and welding transformers.

That's very common in Sweden too. Every house is fed three phase power,
since most electric stoves, as you say, use either two or three phase
power. Heck, for that matter, even rent apartments have three phase

My electric bill is about $80 per 3 months, and that's with my puter on
24/7, two aquariums, plus all the rest day-to-day things like TV, lights
and such. That's without any powersaving bulbs...


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