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dave dave at cca.org
Wed Jan 15 23:32:02 CST 2003

me at dansikorski.com writes:

>On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 00:00, dave wrote:
>> me at dansikorski.com writes:
>> >Control Data Cyber205 S/N 515.  Let no more suffer the same fate.
>> S/N *. As far as I know, no 205 survives.

>Wow, i just realized that the machine was installed 20 years ago last
>week.  (January 4-9, 1983).  I was three years old.

Any details?

All I know about the CDC-205 was that it was huge (largest non-tube
CPU ever?) and that it did memory-to-memory vector ops on really
long vectors (64K?).

Its memory bandwidth must have been terrifying.

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