ok this just kick's ass (was RE: [rescue] The onyx godness (first pictures))

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Wed Jan 15 21:19:55 CST 2003

Finally we got the onyx's down here and I just can say I am amazed.


Onyx 1:
-InfinateReality 64mb texture ram
-Quad R4400 200mhz
-512mb ram
-couple of drives

Onyx 2:
-InfinateReality 64mb texture ram
-Dual R4400 250mhz
-512mb ram
-bunch of drives

Onyx 3 (XL)
-Infinate reality with 8 video channel's
-Dual InfinateReality boards with 64mb texture ram
-2GB on one MC3 board
-Quad r4400 with 250mhz
-Fore System's OC3 board
-dual fast ethernet
-Sirius video
-Audio and high speed serial option
-Bunch of drives, 8mm, dat drive

and what did we pay for that haul? $300 plus $150 for gas and uhaul....

here are some pictures
The side panel's and doors are still in the truck.... so they are still


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