[rescue] S.U.N. volume 1

Jeremy RJ Towers jeremytowers at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 15 16:32:50 CST 2003

I have The sounds of Sun, by SunService  GmbH 2.0

Walter Belgers wrote:

>Hi all,
>Does anybody have the tape 'S.U.N. Volume 1'? I was cataloging my OS CDs
>and I found a CD titled 'SunCD Demo Disc-1.0', which is some 1989 promo CD
>(not for sale) that contains three audio tracks of songs performed by
>Sun employees. It mentions a cassette album S.U.N. Volume 1 to be
>ordered via Mike Williams, Sun Mirosystems.
>I've put the MP3s online at
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