[rescue] Anyone know anything about Dell laptop parts

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Wed Jan 15 12:30:09 CST 2003

"Curtis H. Wilbar Jr." <rescue at hawkmountain.net> wrote:
> Dell as a company is absolutely no help in this area, and my frustration
> in trying to get this simple answer will seal the fate that I will never
> purchase or recommend a Dell to anyone.

So, you bought a drive designed for a particular notebook, without knowing
exactly what notebook it was designed for, to put in a notebook you *know*
it wasn't designed for, and somehow that's somebody elses fault?  I don't
see the connection.

> It is a Toshiba SDR-2102
> It has a sticker with:
> DP/N JP-04M452-26401-1CD-G439

This is your part number.  D (for Dell) P/N (for part number).  Most of the
Dell part number database is hidden from the public, only the latest
hardware ever made available to the consumers and to the salespeople and
tech support people.  Someone, deep inside Dell's support center, may have
access to this part number - but chances are very slim that you'll find that
person.  This is done to keep people from ordering stuff that is out of
production or obsoleted.

The fact that it is prefixed by "JP" indicates to me that this is probably a
part number for the Japanese market - so it is no surprise that the part
number isn't available outside Japan.

I had the same issue a month os so ago with a Compaq system originally sold
in Japan, which was a Deskpro in the US, but a Prolinea in Japan - or
perhaps it was the other way around.  Anyway, that particular model didn't
ever exist in the US, and the part numbers were totally absent from all
consumer-accessable part number databases.  This practice is very common.

kurt at k-huhn.com

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