[rescue] Anyone know anything about Dell laptop parts

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Jan 15 11:27:31 CST 2003

I have a CDRW/DVD combo drive and I'm trying to figure out what Dell
it is for....

Dell as a company is absolutely no help in this area, and my frustration
in trying to get this simple answer will seal the fate that I will never
purchase or recommend a Dell to anyone.

I purchased this drive to put into an IBM (as it is standard micro-ide)
but the faceplate is slightly contoured for a particular dell model so
I'm planning on finding a different one for my IBM and I'd like to sell
this one, ...  I can sell it as being for a Dell, but can't say which
system it is for.

It is intuitively obvious that Dell does not have a great part numbering
system like IBM (not that IBM can't be confusing with p/n and fru p/n and
different #s for each manufacturer of some items even when they are 

So, here is the info I have, and hopefully someone who is listening
knows stuff about Dell, or has Dell contacts that might be able to tell me
more about this:

It is a Toshiba SDR-2102
It has a sticker with:
DP/N JP-04M452-26401-1CD-G439
It has another sticker with:
The face has a sticker on the inside of it:
AP883174000 JP01/12/27 REV:0C

All the other stickers/info seem to be Toshiba's info.

I know it is not for Inspiron.  I'm not sure, but it might be for
a Lattitude ????

So, anyone have any ideas ?

-- Curt

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