[rescue] Sun SLC/ELC

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Jan 14 23:15:35 CST 2003

"Curtis H. Wilbar Jr." <rescue at hawkmountain.net> says ...

> As memory serves me ... I believe ELC was 72 pin SIMMs and I think it
> required 36bit wide (ECC) ones... (I know it at least needed 33 bit
> ones.  The SLC probably could use 100ns parts, the ELC probably 80ns

ELC RAM seems to be the same as IPX RAM; my IPX has RAM out of an ELC.

> Should be able to find these readily enough.  Just FPM ram.... just got to
> stay away from the non parity pc memory...
> Oh... and the SLC could only hand 4MB SIMMS, the ELC could take 4MB or
> Maybe someone else here knows more about the 33bit vs 36bit issue in
> to the ELC (and for that matter, the IPX too... I think Classic/LX took
> 60ns parity (33 bit) but I think the IPX needs 36 bit).

I believe you're correct about the LX; it _requires_ 33 bits, but it will
_accept_ 36 bits.  I have 36-bit PC RAM in mine, and it works fine.  Also,
the LX/Classic will take two 32 MB SIMMs in the first bank, and four 16 MB
SIMMs in the other two banks, for a total of 128 MB.


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