[rescue] iDVD

Joshua D Boyd jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu
Tue Jan 14 15:56:28 CST 2003

On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 04:43:44PM -0500, Michael Schiller wrote:
> Hi All.
> I just bought some DVD-R discs, and I'm in the process of making a DVD 
> from a laserdisc I had here (using the Hollywood DV bridge), and I'm 
> curious, the movie is only a 1 hour disc, and right now iDVD is at 
> stage 3: Asset encoding and it's been doing this for well over an hour, 
> and says there are about 175 minutes left, is this normal, or is 
> something not working right? Thanks.

I'm not that familiar with iDVD, but if Stage 3 refers to the state of
turning the DV file captured into MPEG2, it sounds reasonable.

Joshua D. Boyd

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