[rescue] SunTuner?

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> > absolutely nothing. PBS is also a good choice. When
> > I was growing up I watched a show on PBS where this
> > crazy old guy did physics demonstrations. I learned
> > quite a bit of basic physics from TV like that.
> Mr Wizard?  I loved that show!  These days Bill Nye the Science Guy is
> around, or used to be a few years ago.  I haven't seen any of his shows
> around in a while though...

No, Mr. Wizard was the guy who had about 5-6 different
kids in the neighborhood that would "assist" him in
various experiments. I always wondered "who is this guy?"
and "what are these kids doing hanging around at Mr.
Wizard's house all the time?" The show I'm thinking of
may have been a local PBS show (Pittsburgh.) The host
of the show was a guy maybe in his 60's or 70's with
wild, unkempt hair and black horn-rimmed glasses, perhaps.
It seemed like he was always in a bad mood (he was
probably a retired college prof.) He reminded me of the
crazy doctor in "The Cannonball Run."

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