[rescue] argh, what did I do? (Onyx)

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Tue Jan 14 08:12:38 CST 2003

Kurt Huhn wrote:
> > My habit of collecting old (Unix-)computers has become compulsive. For a
> > small fee (one pie a week for a year) I could pick up two Onyx systems,
> > one for me, one for a friend.
> Nice price!

No - not bad.

> No.  You absolutely do not even kid around on *this* list about making this
> into a refridgerator.  These systems are still useful and are desired and
> sought after by many people.  They might not be worth a _big_ pile of
> dollars, but they have much usefulness left in them.

Well.. it was used for its graphics capabilities. It had been upgraded
by an Onyx2, but they were moving towards commodity PCs and big

> > It booted up okay today, it's got 6.5.10 installed. It's the box only,
> > no monitor or anything. It has 4x 100MHz R4400's and two
> > InfiniteReality(?) boards, 1GB disk and 64MB memory.
> That's a somewhat base hardware config - with the exception of the IR
> boards.  I'm surprised to see two IR boards, and only a single 1GB disk and
> 64MB ram.  However, it does have 4 procs.

I think they took out excess RAM and CPUs for other systems.

> Tell you what, if you really don't want it, someone here will be *glad* to
> take it off your hands.  Where are you located?

Netherlands :)

I already found somebody who might be willing to buy it. I too feel that
having this system be put to good use somewhere is better than turning
it into a fridge. But having a working fridge is better than having a
huge hunk of metal doing nothing.

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