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> dumping commanies. They get payed by the amount they bring in, and are
> expected to make weight quotas to the land fill. This means that stuff
> dumped into a dumpster is not abbandoned as it is in the supreme court
> determination. It does carry a value to the receiving company.
> It simply has become the property of another company than the one
> that it was at. You kinda can think of it as the dumping company has a
> building at a location (The dumpster) that items that have been seconded
> their company (The trash) can be moved to for temporary storage (tossed
> until tipping day). I do not think this concept has been tested in court
> it seems to be different than the precedent set in the supreme court case.
> IAMNAL and YMMV so caveat emptor on that info.

So remember to replace whatever you rescue out of the dumpster
with an equal or greater weight in bricks. (Carry a goodly stash
of bricks on dumpster-diving missions in case you make a really
good score.) Heck, throw in a few extra bricks, that way you're
actually helping out the waste management company. And instead of
dumping all those hazardous electronics into the landfill, they'll
be dumping safe, inert bricks. And everybody's happy :)

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