[rescue] The onyx godness

Yuri K koroby398 at ifrance.com
Sun Jan 12 18:26:30 CST 2003

Hello Jeffrey,

Sunday, January 12, 2003, 23:48:19 (UTC), you wrote:

JJN> I can get the serial port up here if I need to. For now I'm using a junk
JJN> Windows system for that, running Hyperterminal. Using the CDE text editor
JJN> sure seems easier than using vi, though.

      Google for PuTTY, later you could install X on Windows when you
      feel comfortable with it. vi is a must IMHO. As soon as you pass
      25 or so rudimentary commands you may even like it, and if you
      like it you like it very much. I would start with putty.
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