Dumpster diving ( was RE: [rescue] The onyx godness (first pictures))

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Sun Jan 12 12:24:52 CST 2003

"Thomas Gallaway" <tgallaway at comcast.net> wrote:

> Tonights haul:
> 10 dell poweredge 2100/180 and 1 poweredge 2200 (dual p2)
> All of them professional packed with chips and icely put in the 
> dumpster
> All have harddrives 2 or 3 with 68pin either 4 or 9gb drives
> 1 lexmark laserprinter with 2 addon 500paper trays
> Bunch of monitors
> Sun type 5e and 6 keyboards
> And more stuff... bunch of chokenring routers so they might be 
> worthless...

Dude!  You rescued a Dell!  Sweet! :)

All kidding aside, those Dells are very nice systems as x86 hardware
goes.  10 of them would make mean rederfarm.

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