[rescue] Re: Irix question

Mike Katchabaw katchab at csd.uwo.ca
Sun Jan 12 09:40:59 CST 2003

> So, I am trying to get openssh installed on my Octane. It isn't going
> well. It had a 3 dependancies, which needed dependancies, which needed
> dependancies, etc (Why the f**k do I need gtk+ and image libraries for
> ssh?). Fun, fun, fun.

The ssh package there only needs gtk+ if you are installing the gtk
password prompter for ssh.  (It also includes a plain X11 version, or
you can get by just as well without either.)  The problem is that it
wants to install by default, which requires all of gtk+ and its
dependencies.  You can just uncheck installing that part in the
software manager and you won't need those dependencies any more.

> So I was about four packages away form ssh nirvana when I hit a snag.
> libungif needs urt which needs compiler_eoe, ifl_eoe.sw64.c++ and
> x_eoe.sw64.eoe. Now these aren't listed on freeware.sgi.com. So are they
> part of the Irix install? System info below.

Of course, by this point, you seem to have installed most of it anyways!
The earlier poster was right ... these are part of the base Irix
distribution.  You'll need the CDs out again.


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