[rescue] Irix question

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Sun Jan 12 07:32:18 CST 2003

Shawn Wallbridge <shawn at synack-hosting.com> wrote:

> So I was about four packages away form ssh nirvana when I hit a snag.
> libungif needs urt which needs compiler_eoe, ifl_eoe.sw64.c++ and
> x_eoe.sw64.eoe. Now these aren't listed on freeware.sgi.com. So are
> they part of the Irix install? System info below.

You need to install the developer foundation and the developer
libraries.  Looks like who installed Irix on that box didn't install
that stuff for some reason.  These are part of the 6.5 base install,
with overalys to update them to later revisions.

> Also, anyone know why the Octane would be SUPER slow as soon as I try
> to browse outside the directory I start in? I mean like >10minutes to
> list the other folder.

Hrm, file daemon maybe?  This is just the pionty-click UI right?  What
if you open a winterm and ls directories?

> Also, anyone know how to actually capture video from an O2's av card?
> I found the Video Input box, so I can watch stuff, but I haven't found
> a way to capture it (not that I have looked too hard). Also, anyone
> wanna buy an O2 (R5k 180, 160MB*, 2GB, IRIX 6.5.13 on CD-R, Audio card
> only,*may have 256MB, have to decide).

You want mediarecorder.  If it's not installed on your O2, you'll need
to install it.  Also, if you add the video board (after Irix is
installed), you may need to reconfigure the kernel for the OS to see it.

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