[rescue] Trimm re13300 drive cage conversion help

Patrick Onesty n2lka at hvc.rr.com
Sun Jan 12 06:29:30 CST 2003

I have a Trimm 13300 rack mount drive array with 4 RM201 drive caddies that
are 50pin SCSI centronics connectors.
I would like to convert it so I can use the 68pin drives I just got off ebay
I need a source for the short 3" or so 68pin cable from the drive to the back
of the rm201 caddy and the 4 or 8 68pim cable assembly the goes from the back
of the rm13300 to each of the caddy housings.

I am truly sorry that I can not figure out what each connector is called. I
would say that the back of the caddy and the back of the housing I would call
bulkhead type connectors,(screwed to plate)

Thanks in advance


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