[rescue] Re: HP J2240 sans gfx card... which OS?

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Jan 12 05:05:31 CST 2003

I picked up a J2240 (2x 236Mhz PARISC 8200, 2GB RAM) and was wondering
which OS y'all would recommend? 

PARISC Linux is still really a beta platform - I don't think it should have been released as part of Debian 3.0 (which is supposed to be much more stable/conservative than the other distros out there). It has a lot of promise though.

AFAIK all HP 9000 systems manufactured after November 1st 1997 have an automatic right-to-use for HP-UX.

So I'd recommend you use HP-UX 11 or 11i for your new system. The media kits are fairly easy to find.

I am leaning towards HP-UX 11-something but have heard good things
about Debian on HPPA as well. NetBSD and OpenBSD are not there yet.

This should be a pretty rocking box, right?

Yes it is a good box, I used to have one. The only real issue is the physical size and weight - this thing is really a server class system. The dual width steel frame is a real b*tch to move, so find a spot from where you won't have to move it ever again :-)

If you want to get a graphics console, fx2/fx4/fx6 PCI framebuffer cards are pretty cheap on EBay as they won't work on PC systems (the PC compatible versions are designated with a plus e.c. fx2+/fx4+/fx6+ etc). They are pretty awesome lookingcards IIRC the fx6 has six PARISC cores on it!!

A good fx6 card shouldn't be more than 100USD on EBay.

As soon as J6000 machine workstations (dual 550MHz) fall to under 1500USD I'm going to buy one. Should be in the next couple of months - I saw a complete one sell on EBay for 2500USD a few weeks ago. Curiously, the HP web-store price is still around 23kUSD.

Yummmm...16GB RAM support in a workstation :-o



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