[rescue] SGI Indy questions

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Jan 12 00:24:26 CST 2003

I have an SGI Indy I got cheap cheap from a coworker a while back.

It needs to be built up... so I have many questions (as I am a Sun person)...

Identify the hardwware....

SGI Indy
Model CMN B006Y66
CPU: yellow sticker: BEV554 
     Assy 030 0752-001 Rev D
Graphics: yellow sticker: BEL212
          Assy 030 8263-001 Rev C
No hd present (bracket is present)
No floppy present (bracket is missing)
I have an Indy R4400 175MHz processor module: Yellow sticker: CCK176
                                              Assy 030 0882-001
So... now for the fun...

What do I have ?
I assume (by sheer size of the heatsink alone) that the 175MHz processor
module is MUCH better than the dinky onboard one (which I don't know the
spec of).

System appears to use 72 pin RAM... I'm guessing FPM 60ns 36bit ECC ?
(it has no RAM right now)  What does it use for RAM ?  What is the max
module size ?  How many modules have to go in at a time, and how do
you put them in in the banks to make the box happy ?

System has a 13W3 video connector.... will this work with a Sun monitor ?
If not, will it work with a PC monitor using a Sun 13W3 to VGA adapter ?

What kind of keyboard and mouse does this use (I do not have one) ?
If I need SGI specific ones, can they be had cheap ?  Does anyone have
any extras ?  Could buy or trade for Sun hardware (or PC hardware, etc)...

How good a video do I have ?

What is the max video and max cpu for this box, and is it cheap/feasable
to obtain while parts are still available (that is if they are still available)?

Can I digitize incoming video ?  What software would be required ?

I see a 13W3 video port and a port for 3-D glasses
I see earphone, microphone audio in, audio out, audio in/out ??? ports
I see RCA video (NTSC?) out, S-Video out ?, and a 60 pin video? connector
(what is that !?).
I see an AUI ethernet port (ordinary) (on the graphics card !?!?)
I see a 10baseT port (I assume 10Mbit, not 10/100)
I see a mouse port, keyboard port
I see a 1 and 2 port (are these serial?)
I see a parellel and a scsi port

I assume the box is Fast SCSI (10MB/sec max) and uses ordinary SCSI disks ?

What OS loads will work on this box ?  And more importantly where can I
get them ?  Will a cdrom that can be set to 512 byte block mode be required
like the early Sun systems (not a problem... I have a couple of plextor 4X
drives with that jumper along with an external Sun 2X cdrom drive).

Is there a max capacity hard disk ?

Lots of questions I know...  I'd assume that even if this box runs open
source OSes (Linux, BSD) that in order to use any of the features I'd
need Irix ?  Which then brings up another question.... did the graphics
programs come with Irix, or where they unbundled software ?  Where can
one get Irix, and are the ways to get it for free (obviously this is
hobbyist territory).  For kicks, which free OSes run good on these boxes 
(although I'm most interested in Irix at this point) ?

This is my first dabling into an SGI...  Can't say I though much of the
construction compared to Sun boxes... seems sort of between that of PC
construction quality and Sun construction quality.... someone bent the
metal tabs that held the power supply onto the chassis, and the broke off
when I tried to straighten them... so I found some screws and nuts, and
attached it my own way... .it's very rigid now!

Would like to bring this to life.... 

Sorry for the long post... but as I learn more about SGI/etc hopefully
my posts will get shorter ?

All these SGI posts lately got my interest up in doing something with this


 -- Curt

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