[rescue] Irix question

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Sun Jan 12 00:00:19 CST 2003

> So I was about four packages away form ssh nirvana when I hit a snag.
> libungif needs urt which needs compiler_eoe, ifl_eoe.sw64.c++ and
> x_eoe.sw64.eoe. Now these aren't listed on freeware.sgi.com. So are they
> part of the Irix install? System info below.

Yeah, that is part of the Irix foundation I/2 and Developer Foundation
CD's. Seems they did not perform a default instalation for your machine.

> I am just running what was on the box when I got it (I was going to
> reinstall after I pick up a bigger HD (it's only 4GB right now), but I
> am trying to help someone out first.
> Also, anyone know why the Octane would be SUPER slow as soon as I try to
> browse outside the directory I start in? I mean like >10minutes to list
> the other folder.

Check if one of the file daemons is running, and that directory is not NFS
imported or exported.

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