Dumpster diving ( was RE: [rescue] The onyx godness (first pictures))

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Jan 11 17:05:13 CST 2003

I agree... there is no such thing as an accident in the USA legal system.
It is always someones fault.  You just need different levels of lawyers to
figure out all the potential people at fault, build a case (even it if only
hangs by a thread) and if they don't cave to save the legal fees, they still
stand a chance in court....

My that hot cofee burned by crotch.... win a million $.  F'ing dumb !

Enough off topic rant for me... this is just one of my big pet peaves...

To think all those lawyers, judges, etc all need college educations... guess
we can all guess what they were doing in college....

-- Curt

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>> Liability for people who come into your property's borders without asking?
>> Weird folks those americans :-)
>> I once actually heard an urban legend about someone who went to jail because
>> he put glass on top of the concrete wall around his garden, and a burglar got
>> wounded and bled to death.
>In Oregon there was an actual trial that involved the following: Someone
>had left a gun pointing to the entrance door of his mountain shak, there
>was a wire connected to the trigger of the shotgun, and such wire was also
>tied to the door know of the fore mentioned entrance door. One day a burglar
>opened such entrance door, and lord and behold he got a nice round of buckshot.
>This was actually quite amusing to read... and they actually tried to pass
>legislation to ban such practices, since they seem to be quite widespread
>over the backwoods of Oregon (Oregon is different, let me tell you :-)).
>There had been other incidents of the same type of accident/fatality, but
>they involved the actual property owners that had forgotten about
>their home made theft deterrant system. Draw your own conclusions.
>There have been plenty of cases involving burglars getting injured while
>robing some property, and the thieves actually suing the property owner and
>What is the lesson to be learn? Well, in the USA nobody is responsible for
>his or her own dumb asses... it is always someone elses fault. And if all
>fails, just blame it on Clinton's penis... it made you do it!
>I guess today is my off topic day :-/...
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