[rescue] Apple II serial as a terminal

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Sat Jan 11 16:59:57 CST 2003

On Saturday 11 January 2003 05:21 pm, Paul Phillips wrote:
> So if I put a Super Serial card in it (I think that is what Apple used to
> call them - this was 20 years ago) could I use it as a dumb terminal to
> connect to my Sun netra?

Yep, that's the name, and I don't see why it wouldn't work. May need null 
modem adapter.

> An aside - how long can the serial cable run and still keep open the LOM
> connection on a Netra?  Can I pipe it across CAT 5 in the house a 100 feet
> or so?

Official spec on RS-232 is probably 25' or less, I'm sure.  But at work we're 
running several serial terminals (IBM 3153's) over at least 300 feet of CAT 
5.  This stuff was run through the steel trusses of the warehouse (some 30-40 
feet up) and never once have we have had trouble.  So long as you're only 
talking about 9600 baud terminal connections, you're safe.  YMMV if you push 
it harder than that, though.


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