[rescue] Apple II serial as a terminal

Paul Phillips paul at partitura.com
Sat Jan 11 16:21:31 CST 2003

Why am I even thinking about this?  I must be nuts...

I have an old Apple IIe sitting in the corner.  I look at it lovingly now 
and then.  It will boot up...

So if I put a Super Serial card in it (I think that is what Apple used to 
call them - this was 20 years ago) could I use it as a dumb terminal to 
connect to my Sun netra?

An aside - how long can the serial cable run and still keep open the LOM 
connection on a Netra?  Can I pipe it across CAT 5 in the house a 100 feet 
or so?

Thanks, and apologies for wild ideas...

Paul Phillips

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