Dumpster diving ( was RE: [rescue] The onyx godness (first pictures))

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Sat Jan 11 15:40:38 CST 2003

On Sat, 11 Jan 2003, Dave McGuire wrote:

>    The problem is that you're thinking logically.  Suits don't think
> logically.  They think stuff that might contain "secret" information
> (and EVERYTHING in business is a BIIIIIG SECRET...it's how suits make
> themselves feel important) is somehow "safe" if it's thrown in the
> trash.  If you take their trash, you're "stealing their secrets".

At a previous place of employment, they were decomissioning a CM-200
(beautiful machine). When some people tried to ask for
the machine to be routed towards a computer museum, since these machines
are rare and we tried to make the suit in charge understand the importance
of allowing other geeks to see a machine we felt was pretty historical (it
even had a low serial number, no that many CM-200 were produced anyways).
His response was that the machine had been used for a few projects, thus
the data was property of the company and therefore noone should have
access to it. Well no matter how many times we tried to tell that data was
actually stored at the front end computer, and that the disk array that
the CM-200 uses is pretty much for temporary storage, so it would be
garbage anyways. Anyways, any plea was just ignored... so the machine sat
there waiting to be disposed of for months. One day we found out that he
had personally payed a few bunch of people (why he needed to pay people to
come with hammers is beyond me, but then away suits frown from any sort of
manual labor that could be performed by themselves). So this idiot
actually payed company money to have some bunch of people and hammer every
board from the CM-200! They left the arrays intact (it was pretty much
clear that this idiot thought that all those magical black pieces of
plastic, something that people call "chips", held his cherished
information). And he stood there smiling and telling that we should never
fuck with him/or his orders again. And he was pretty offensive towards my
then boss (a brillian engineer mind you). I think that if we had never
asked for the machine to be saved, he would have never card about it
(dunno he even knew about the machine to begin with, or that it was a
computer, since computers only run windows of course!). He just wanted to
be an asshole about it, just to make his point I guess.

A few weeks later during one of his presentation in front of very
important people (I mean really really important), in the middle of the
slide show slides with a big caption saying "Don't trust me, I am a big
%&$king idiot" and such mixed with graphic pictures of bestiality
acts were inserted. To this day I don't know who did it. But this idiot had clearly
managed to piss off all of his staff (the CM-200 of course was just a
marginal part of the general hatred for this guy). I heard he was removed
from that company quite quickly (i had by then gone back to school)

I was proud of my co-workers. I am tired of great brilliant people being
pushed around by idiotic MBA clones...

That day I also decided I would make my own company, I am not willing to
spend the best years of my life trying to make any more idiots with their
MBAs (Must Be an Asshole) degrees from Warton and what not any richer.

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