[rescue] What (dual head) graphics for AIX 4.x?

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Sat Jan 11 15:07:18 CST 2003

> Or should I forget AIX and get a dual head Octane?
> I would need at least a 300 MHz R12k Octane to come on par and R12k
> Octanes are still quite expensive.

A R12000 would be at least four times as fast in FP and a bit faster in
Int than the 604e. An R10000 Octane should be more than capable to keep up
with those 604e's in Int and it would be over 2x as fast for FP stuff. The
604 IMHO is a piece of turd, and the architecture around it is not better.
Dual R12000 octanes are still way too expensive

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