[rescue] The onyx godness

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Fri Jan 10 22:49:53 CST 2003

On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 23:24, Kurt Huhn wrote:
> It could be that the system was configured to do I/O through the serial.
>  Have you tried that?

My first question would be: Why the hell would you just do a serial
console on an Onyx? *
> It could also be the system was configured to boot into some wierd
> runlevel, or  a runlevel without graphics?

well, i started it up in single user mode, and manually brought it into
runlevels 2 and 3 getting the exact same results.
> Need media to install a good system?

As long as i can install from the same media that i installed my o2
from, i should be fine.  Is there Onyx specific software that i

	-Dan Sikorski

* But then i'd immediately answer my own question by saying that there's
no telling what someone decided to use it for before they got rid of
it.  (it came from Purdue University, sometimes someone decides to use
hardware for some weird-ass use before it gets sent to salvage)  It
exported the home directory (which had only one user directory in it
with no files, and doesn't irix use /people or something else instead
anyway?)  It also had a .illuminati file, isn't that some sweet
software? (google search revealed nothing to me.)  There was some other
stuff that just really seemed out of place just before the circuit
breaker blew and i scrambled unplug the onyx and reset the breaker. 
(Scared the crap outta me too.)

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