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Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Fri Jan 10 13:21:54 CST 2003

Been chased off by rent-a-cop's quite a few times.

The main rules are (may vary from state to state) but these are mine:

dumpster fenced - bad idea
no trespassing sign - bad idea
no trespassing sign but you can see sweet hardware in the dumpster - bee
fucking carefull
government dumpster - hell NO
dumpster with many camera's pointed on it - be carefull and prepare to run

main rule number 1: allway's leave the dumpster how you found it.
if you make a mess they will notice AND might get pissed and smash
the hardware next time befor disposing it.

main rule number 2: if a guard tell's you not to come back, dont do it or
sure there's a diffrent guard.

I had some nigerian guards freak out on me and started to getting a
and I just tried to explain to him that we are just geeks looking for
He didnt tell me to not come back so we came back.

Then again this other company after 10pm they had some securit guard that
freaked out on us and called the cop's while we where digging true server's
and stuff.
The guard befor 10pm was so cool that we allway's had a chat with him and he
one day asked us if we where dont in the building and if he should secure
the loading
dock (he tought we worked for them I belive)

I'll compile a list with do's and dont's but for now just try dumpster's
that "feel" good
and if there are goverment installation's stay away from them or you might
have a m16
pointed at your head some day with a angry guard asking you to leave.
(happend to my


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> Ok, I've heard of finding old machines for rescue in other people's trash.
> What are the legal ramifications? Has anyone had legal problems because of
> dumpster diving?
> Has anyone had to deal with visits from a corporate park rent-a-cop or a
> real cop?
> Todd Killingsworth
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> > > http://www.randomology.org/tom/sgi1.jpg
> > > http://www.randomology.org/tom/sgi2.jpg
> > >
> > > looks like all the cover's are missing and stuff....
> >
> > Bummer.  Onyx's look so nice too.
> >
> > BTW, http://www.randomology.org/tom/dumpster1.jpg
> > Who's the cute one in front?
> some girl this guy know's who joins us from now and then diving...
> btw i'm the dude with the board in the hand heh
> Damnit, man, you've got to tell us!  Does she have a sister?
> ~brian
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