[rescue] SS20 auxiliary video board

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Jan 10 11:18:19 CST 2003

I kick myself every time I think about the ones I passed over on ebay two
years ago.... they were not common, but at the time if I had known how
rare they were I would have paid the money they went for.... arg !

Good luck... but if you locate a source at a resonalbe price, despite the
fact I don't use my SS20 (but I still have it), I'd love to get one for it.

As for a 20MB SS20 VSIMM.... hmmm... I have 2... one in my Sparcstation 20
and one my Sparcstation 15 (ok, now that needs explaining doesn't it....
I call it a Sparcstation 15SX... it is a SparcEngine 20 board (made by Sun
but try to find docs on their site for it !) out of an Aries Marixx SS
and put in a SS10 chassis since it is a modified SS10 board for all intensive
purposes).  Depending on how bad you want an 8MB I might be persuaded with
cash/trades and a 4MB SS20 VSIMM.

I have quite a Sun collection (and unfortunately most of it is a collection
as I lack the time to due fun things with all of these boxes).  Highlights are
a Sun 486i (doubt many of those are still in existence, and I have the
4.0.3 beta OS tapes for this box (which probably also work on 386i as well)),
a prototype LX (prototype motherboard was dead and has been replaced long ago
with a "real" LX motherboard), my "Sparcstation 15SX", and a Sun2/120
(anyone got extra boards for these they are looking to sell/trade?).  The
rest is ordinary (SS2, SS2 w/PowerUp, IPX, Classic, LX, SS10, SS20, U1 170E,
U5 270, U10 333, U10 440, and Ultra 60)

I also have plenty of old Sun Software (1/4" tape, lots of CDs) so if anyone
is looking for a particular OS (including alpha/beta) or software that has
become unobtanium, let me know, I may have it.

ttyl all,

  -- Curt

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>Sun part# 501-2488.  Would anyone happen to have one of these for sale or
>I've got two 4MB SS20 VSIMMs, and one 8MB SS10 VSIMM.  I suppose I could
>trade for a single 8MB SS20 VSIMM, or go pick up a cheap SS10 chassis and
>build it up... but I'm thinking that I'd rather have more screen real
>estate on one box, since I have a spare Sun 21" monitor gathering dust...  
>so I'm trying to track down the board that'd let me drive the 2nd head
>using the 2nd 4MB VSIMM at once.  Mmmm, pixels.
>How rare are those things?  I've looked around over the last few months,
>but not very energetically and without much luck.  Are they pure
>unobtainium, or a hardtofindium/unobtainium alloy? :-)
>-- Chris
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