[rescue] Re: "grey" suns

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 10 11:12:24 CST 2003

Ran into a slightly similar problem 3 years ago - I
have systems at 4 US locations and in Toronto Canada.

Somehow one of the systems in California was
made/sold/bought whatever in Canada, and one of the
Toronto systems was made/bought/sold whatever in

When I went to get the overall umbrella maintenance
contract on 30 systems updated, Sun gave me some
heartache about it, but it was apparently just a
database internal Sun issue.  After a few months we
got it all straightened out.

That said, several Sun techs did tell me (again this
was 3 years ago) that because of the consolidation of
the European nations (currency et al) that systems I
had in Britain and such could not be included in the
one umbrella maint contract like those in the
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