[rescue] Re: Need RS/6000 family tree

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Thu Jan 9 06:35:37 CST 2003

On Thursday 09 January 2003 02:54 am, Gavin Hubbard wrote:
> Ah
> I found a bunch of useful information in the RS/6000 Systems Handbook 2000
> Edition. The H50 looks like a nice machine:

It is a relatively nice machine, but maybe big for home use?  You can put up 
to four 332Mhz procs in it (forget what chip these use, but it's probably in 
the book you found).  Something like 4 PCI busses, two slots per bus.  Room 
for two 6-pack disk bays.  Crazy thing is that they only take 3GB on two 
riser cards.  The second riser has room for another 1GB but the H50 won't 
address it.  Got two of these at work as well as one of its bigger brothers, 
the H70.


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