[rescue] SunSKIP Software

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed Jan 8 09:09:44 CST 2003

Wow, when I saw that subject line my first thought was "Hmm - some Sun CD's
a Brit pulled out of the trash".

Too much time spend discussing "dumpster diving" with a British colleague
from a former life, I guess.

Sorry - I have no help for your legitimate, on-topic problem, Ido :-)

On 1/8/03 8:55 AM, "Ido Dubrawsky" <ido at dubrawsky.org> wrote:

> Happy New Year all,
> Does anyone have a copy of SunSKIP 1.5.1?  I'm writing an article for Security
> Focus on SunScreen and you apparently need SunSKIP as well if you want to do
> remote administration of your screens.  It's about $149 from Sun and I was
> wondering if someone on the list might have a copy for sale (or perhaps an
> older version).
> Ido

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