[rescue] Morning's Rescue

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Wed Jan 8 00:26:38 CST 2003

It isnt one of those?:

I pulled that one out of the dumpster couple of day's ago.
I wasnt so much interrested in the box (dual p90) but more
in the drives that it has. Whole bunch of 15150's. I also found
4 more machines that had 50pin scsi drived that I rippe out
(single p90's).

As you can see I got the machine up and running even in this
bad shape (totally bent, missing front cover and even the power
switch was ripped out. All fan's where loose and the front cover
to the dat drive is also missing)

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> It's the two door full tower... looks just like a full tower PC... wavy 
> patterned white doors... two of them top and bottom, but it's 1.5 times 
> as deep front to back, and ways about as much as an HP 9000 D Class. 
> (40 lbs or more)
> Andrew
> Dual capable.
> On Wednesday, January 8, 2003, at 01:00  AM, Mike Hebel wrote:
> > Andrew Weiss wrote:
> >> Yes it was a PC, but it was totally intact...thrown away whole (skins 
> >> undamaged... just dusty inside)
> >
> > Good one!  The best way is a working pull but no dings is good too.
> >
> >> Gateway ALR NP-8000 ... missing drive array, but has a DDS, CDROM, 
> >> single PII 233, and floppy... two P/S's... Heavy as sh*t.
> >
> > If it's the same case style as my ALR 4x4 Revolution box I sympathize. 
> > It took me some time to get it downstairs. ;-)
> >
> >> I had to rest every 50 ft carrying it the two blocks from Grand 
> >> Central to my company's office on 5th.
> >
> > Holy Crap!  It couldn't be as big as the one I've got then.  Can I ask 
> > why you didn't pay the money for a cab for a couple blocks?  Oof!  Or 
> > at least borrow a luggage cart or something.
> >
> >> With a little ebay magic it could replace our server in the closet, 
> >> or at least my desktop.
> >
> > If it uses the same sleds I need it might be tough finding them but it 
> > also may have other internal connectors for you to attach drive to.
> >
> > Mike Hebel
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