[rescue] Morning's Rescue

Mike Hebel nimitz at speakeasy.net
Wed Jan 8 00:00:13 CST 2003

Andrew Weiss wrote:
> Yes it was a PC, but it was totally intact...thrown away whole (skins 
> undamaged... just dusty inside)

Good one!  The best way is a working pull but no dings is good too.

> Gateway ALR NP-8000 ... missing drive array, but has a DDS, CDROM, 
> single PII 233, and floppy... two P/S's... Heavy as sh*t.

If it's the same case style as my ALR 4x4 Revolution box I sympathize. 
It took me some time to get it downstairs. ;-)

> I had to rest every 50 ft carrying it the two blocks from Grand Central to my 
> company's office on 5th.  

Holy Crap!  It couldn't be as big as the one I've got then.  Can I ask 
why you didn't pay the money for a cab for a couple blocks?  Oof!  Or at 
least borrow a luggage cart or something.

> With a little ebay magic it could replace our 
> server in the closet, or at least my desktop.

If it uses the same sleds I need it might be tough finding them but it 
also may have other internal connectors for you to attach drive to.

Mike Hebel

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