[rescue] R8k I2's

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Tue Jan 7 19:33:56 CST 2003

   Ryan remarks:

> R8ks are hard to find.  Basically you can search for an R10k (recommended), 
> since that one has a big boost in performance.  Otherwise, you can get an 
> R4400 (i've got a 200mhz, runs great), and possibly replace the motherboard 
> later on with an R10k 64-bit version (you need to replace the board to jump 
> from R4x to R10x, because of the change in the CPU architecture).

   From all the noise I've been hearing here, I'm beginning to suspect
that my R8k-based I2 isn't worth the floor-space it's occupying.  Whilst
I know that's not _really_ the case, I'd like to hear some technical
specifics as to why folks don't seem to like them.  The one I have seems
peppy enough (but then again, I'm used to performances of an order of
magnitude lower than most folks here....).

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