[rescue] Sun PCI CO Processor card

Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Tue Jan 7 09:53:29 CST 2003

> > I would guess that 2 or more would sort of work in an U10, 
> but Sun won't
> > support it because of performance reasons?
> I dunno, anything to do with power requirements?  Bandwidth?  
> Or maybe just 
> being conservative.
> -E.
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	I am thinking power requirement may be the problem. I when I was
eating dinner last night I was letting my mind wander on this problem and
that's what I came up with, that the power requirements may be the limiting
factor for this. I figure this is basically a PC on a card. Every pc I have
seen has had a minimum need of 100 watts on their power supply. Even if this
is optimized I would expect to see 50 watts or so used per card. The
question then becomes. 1. Can the power supply in my U10 pump enough power
to make two work, and 2, can the PCI bus transfer enough power to keep both
	Frankly I am curious to find out. It would be very very cool in my
opinion to have a machine that can switch OSes so easily on the fly. Baby
steps though. I need to get the first one in and make sure I grok it before
I start getting radical with it. Time to go get that Solaris 9 iso I am
going to need.

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
michael.turner at whro.org

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