[rescue] Backup question

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Sun Jan 5 11:12:52 CST 2003

Don't neglect the ghetto backup method.

The key here is having at least one -extra- disc of the same size/type as 
the one you are backing up.  Then, once you have the system in exactly the 
state you want to preserve, use dd to make an exact, complete copy of the 

If you have a total failure, swap the discs, after making sure that the host 
system itself didn't CAUSE the failure.

Depending on the size of the disc, you may be able to pull off something 
similar with CDRs.

I did this for years (spare HDs) without any problems in a previous life 
where we had lots of extra discs, and the appropriate storage facilities for 
them, but no tape drives or tapes, no storage facility approved for tape, 
and a government sponsor unwilling to do the paper work to get clearance to 
use and store "removable" classified storage devices.

I know it ain't perfect, but it worked well for us.


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