[rescue] OS/2 Warp:[Fwd: [swap] FS: MAC CD's, WIN CD's, Old Computers, and other losers]

Mike Hebel nimitz at owc.net
Sun Jan 5 10:51:06 CST 2003

This just ran across my inbox from the LEM Swap list.

Wasn't somebody on this list looking for OS/2 Warp at one point?
(Why this guy calls everything losers I don't know.)

Mike Hebel

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Subject: [swap] FS:  MAC CD's, WIN CD's,  Old Computers, and other losers
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 11:42:30 -0500
From: Brian Hindson <brian_d_hindson at msn.com>
To: <lem-swap at mail.maclaunch.com> (LEM Swap List)

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All listed below is negotiable, much like life!  I'm willing to trade for
upgrade parts for 8500, 8600 and 75/76** machines, includeing G3 cards, USB
Cards, PCI/IDE cards, video cards, etc.  I prefer ebay payment, but will
take check, Money Order, heck, even your first born if you are so 
Paypal to:  bhindson at indy.rr.com

If shipping is included I list it as such.  Cd's and such are cheap to send
so don't fret the additional charges.  Buy a bunch, I'll put it in one box
for you.  Help me clean out my house!!

1) Umax Supermac C500 & C600 system software.   $5.00
2) Macintosh Performa 500 Series backup system software and other programs.
(system 7.1).  $5.00
3 & 4) Macintosh Performa 6205cd backup system software and other programs.
(system 7.5.1). $5.00 each
5) The Sims--The People Simulator for MAC.  $8.00
6) Office 98 for Macintosh $50.00(shipped)
7) GoLive Cyberstudio Software(PPC, 8mb ram, OS 7.5.5+) $8.00
8) Imperialism II for win and mac $10.00(shipped in original box)

WIN CD's(sometimes you have to visit the dark side!!)
1) Windows 98 Full Version  $40.00(shipped)
2) WindowsNT Workstation CD Version 4.0(lost code)  $20.00
3) MS Works for WIN95/ NT version 4.5  $20.00
4) MS MapPoint 2000 $15.00
5) MS Office 2000 Premium(4 disks) Includes Excel, Word, Access, Outlook,
FrontPage, Powerpoint, Publisher, Small business tools, Photodraw, server
extensions, clipart.  Full Version, not upgrade.  I looked at Ebay and saw
cheapest sold for $150.00  I will sell for $125.00(shipped)

Old Computers--make offers please, and I won't be insulted!!
1) Macintosh SE/30
2) Macintosh Classic
3) Apple IIE with 2 Floppy drives(no yellowing)
4) Quadra 700

Other Losers--software
1) Word 5.0 on floppies, beatup box, and manuals $20.00 + shipping
2) OS/2 Warp 3.0 on floppies, NIB, never opened with bonus pack $15.00 +
3) OS/2 Warp 3.0 on CD upgrade for users of version 2.1 $10.00 + shipping
4) Macromedia Director 4.0 for Macintosh on Floppies in beatup box.  $10.00
+ shipping

Other Losers--printers
1) Color StyleWriter 2400--flashing light, no time to fix--Plastics in good
shape, includes manual, 6 floppies for software, NIB M3240G/A Black
Cartridge, 1 color cartridge in container not used.  1 color and 1 black
cartridge in machine unnknown quantity.  $25.00 + shipping.  (Ink alone is
worth $17.99 average on ebay!)

2) Epson Stylus Color 440--works fine--needs new ink.  $20.00+ shipping

Other Losers--Ink Cartridges
1) Two HP 51626A  Cartridges for DeskJet/Plus/400, DeskJet 500 series,
DeskWriter/C, DeskWriter 500 series, DesignJet 200/220/600, OfficeJet
Series, Fax 200, Fax 300/700/900 series.  Why are they losers?  One is 
January 98 and the other May 97.  Thing is I use "older" ink all the time
with no problem.  $10.00(includes USPS Priority Shipping).

2) GENUINE HEWLETT PACKARD Laserjet Toner Cartridge 92298A for use in HP
Laserjet Models:  4, 4 Plus, 4M, 4M Plus, 5, 5M, 5N and Canon and some 

Brian D. Hindson
Westfield Area Swimmers, Inc.
Head Coach/CEO
Indiana Swimming, Inc.
Web Director, Marketing Vice Chair

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