[rescue] Backup question

Mike Hebel nimitz at owc.net
Sun Jan 5 09:32:34 CST 2003

Ross Alexander wrote:
>>I've used ufsdump on things as large as 50gig.  It should do fine as 
>>long as you have all the hardware and kermel stuff for /dev/rmt/st0n set 
>>up right.  It even worked find with multiple tapes although that was a pain.
> I have an LX with an external Exabyte 8500 running Solaris 2.7 with
> amanda as my backup server. It's my first Solaris box.  I was wondering 
> what kind of hardware and kernel stuff you're referring to.  

I was referring to the st.conf stuff.  You need to make sure it matches 
your tape drive so Solaris sees it's capabilities properly.  Edit that, 
reboot with a boot -R and that was all I was referring to.

Mike Hebel

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