[rescue] Backup question

Mike Hebel nimitz at speakeasy.net
Sun Jan 5 09:06:16 CST 2003

I've used ufsdump on things as large as 50gig.  It should do fine as 
long as you have all the hardware and kermel stuff for /dev/rmt/st0n set 
up right.  It even worked find with multiple tapes although that was a pain.

A good book on the subject is O'Reilly's Unix Backup & Recovery 
(Alligator on cover).  Mine had a CD with a few scripts on it that I 
didn't use. ;-)

What kind of 8mm?  (I have an Exabyte 8700 external backing up my server.)

Mike Hebel

Eric Hall wrote:
> Good morning all,
> I'm running a SS Classic as a router/firewall/DNS server, etc. It has
> a minimal Sol 7 install with only a / partition. The little beastie
> recently ate it's hard drive for dinner, and I spent the better part
> of a day re-installing Solaris, Ipfilter, editing all the
> configuration files, basically re-doing everything from scratch. While
> this did help me brush up on my system admin skills, I'd like to avoid
> this hassle in the future.
> I have an 8mm tape drive and tapes, so I'd like to make a one tape
> easy restore backup. What is the best way to go? ufsdump? Thank you
> for your input. 

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