[rescue] Cheapass MicroFax (sic)

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Sat Jan 4 17:12:25 CST 2003

On Saturday 04 January 2003 23:53, Chad Fernandez wrote:
> Since I just moved recently, my friends who helped me move got to see
> all my computer stuff.  They've talked about my "hardware store" for
> quite some time.  Now they have identified me as part of the Axis of
> Evil, and am sure I am helping with Iraqs weapons program.  Oh, and I
> have an R2D2 chassis, aparently.... (DEC BA123, stripped down).

As far as I can tell from pictures on the net, your friends have a broad
fantasy, that model seems a bit rectangular to me to be taken for an r2d2!

My friends lost count allready, but they know I keep a bit of old junk. They
call 7 computers a small museum???

The only thing that would really make my day is the source code of all my
favorite games... so I didn't have to buy pc stuff any longer, I'd go for an
SGI r12k or something. These things are MADE for openGL :-)))


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