[rescue] Sparcserver 1000 -> the resurrection

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Sat Jan 4 17:07:13 CST 2003

Okey I found out what was wrong.

First of all some dumb f**k tossed the ss1k so hard in the
dumpster that 2 eeprom's got kinda debent and partially
moved out of the socket.. A leatherman did the fix.

Then I actually got a reading out of the serial port what told
me that there is 0ram and it cant boot.... but it had ram in it.
.... to find out it needs 4 stick's for 1 bank... and there only
where 2 sticks so... I run downstairs to my other ss1ke and
grab 2 more sticks to slap them in there and find out why
they also tossed this box.. One of the holder's that holds
the memory in place got cracked and it wont hold it anymore.

But the good thing about it this machine doesnt really care
if you put it in bank 0 - 3 it will just accept the bank you fill..

woohoo working SS1K but now what do I do with that box?
I was thinking getting some more CPU boards (anybody have
cheap ones?) and then filling it up with sun video boards
and make it part of our house survailance system.


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