[rescue] all ports busy

Paul Phillips paul at partitura.com
Sat Jan 4 16:14:29 CST 2003


I thought I had this working...
(it worked last week...)

Today I went to use tip on my Ultra 2 to access the serial port on my 
headless Netra T105.

No matter what I do, when I run -
tip hardwire
the Ultra 2 reports back:
tip: /dev/term/a: Permission denied
all ports busy

I am running it as root.  At first I didn't know if the error was referring 
to the ports on the target (netra) or to the ports on the local maching 
(Ultra).  So I shut down the netra, and I still get the same message.  Is 
something using the Ultra serial A port that prevents tip from accessing 
it?  I don't know how to determine this.

Not knowing what I was doing (always dangerous!) I used the admintool to 
look at the serial ports.  i then shut down the zsmon on port A.  That made 
no difference.

Can anyone advise?

Paul Phillips

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