[rescue] HP fbackup help

Mike Still MikeS at McBurney.com
Sat Jan 4 15:26:54 CST 2003

i do hp admin and use fbackup.. those tapes are not bootable.  i would
try to stay away from spanning tapes during a backup unless you have an

if you want a bootable archive of your system then get ignite/ux and run
make_tape_recovery to gen an install tape of your system.  

depending on what you're doing with that box i'd try and upgrade to
something better.  e35's run at 64mhz and get kind of bogged down when
you have lots going on.. but like i said that's depending on what you're
doing with the box.  e55 upgrade boards and ram are pretty cheap. oh
yeah and tape drives too.. 

On Sat, 2003-01-04 at 15:30, Eric Webb wrote:
> At work I inherited maintenance of an HP 9K/E35 with an HP35470 2GB DDS drive 
> and I'm having some goofy results when backing up the system with sam.  
> Basically, I ran the fbackup against all local filesystems and it ended up 
> spanning two tapes.  No problem, I insert the second tape when it asks and it 
> continues along.  
> The problem comes when I decided to list files from the tapes as a way to 
> check integrity.  I think this basically runs frecover.  I insert the first 
> tape and it complains about not finding what it was expecting (I think just a 
> tape mark?).  If I instead start the command against tape #2, however, it 
> starts listing files without hesitation.
> Any clue what's up here?   Does the first tape have a bootable image or 
> something written to the head of it?  I'm not sure if we have much HP/UX 
> experience in here.  If it helps, I gave same device file 
> "/dev/rmt0/c0t0d0DDS1" which sets density to DDS1.  I bet this is some custom 
> configuration.
> Eric
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