[rescue] HP fbackup help

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Sat Jan 4 14:30:13 CST 2003

At work I inherited maintenance of an HP 9K/E35 with an HP35470 2GB DDS drive 
and I'm having some goofy results when backing up the system with sam.  
Basically, I ran the fbackup against all local filesystems and it ended up 
spanning two tapes.  No problem, I insert the second tape when it asks and it 
continues along.  

The problem comes when I decided to list files from the tapes as a way to 
check integrity.  I think this basically runs frecover.  I insert the first 
tape and it complains about not finding what it was expecting (I think just a 
tape mark?).  If I instead start the command against tape #2, however, it 
starts listing files without hesitation.

Any clue what's up here?   Does the first tape have a bootable image or 
something written to the head of it?  I'm not sure if we have much HP/UX 
experience in here.  If it helps, I gave same device file 
"/dev/rmt0/c0t0d0DDS1" which sets density to DDS1.  I bet this is some custom 


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