[rescue] ISO cheap 64MB 72 pin simms

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Fri Jan 3 11:18:39 CST 2003

>First, $9 for SIMMs like that (sort of unique, I've only seen/used up
>to 32 meg SIMMs myself), is really reasonable, IMHO...

Stock, it'll run up to a 16MB (2k refresh).  If you add a line from cpu to
simm socket, you can run 4k refresh.  Someone
(http://www.luban.org/Webpal/) claims that you can then use 32 and 64 MB
simms.  I've tested mine with a 16 MB out of an IPX.

>Second, you have a WebPal? I have two that need to be put to active use

Two--it's better to have a spare in case you blow away the flash simm on
one!  (Which has happened to me once so far.)

>- what is yours doing? Any info you can provide for using anything
>other than the factory installed software would be appreciated... (For
>those unfamiliar, these are WebTV-type boxes, but they work with any
>ISP. They have an OS/Browser installed, but it is a very old browser)

You can run linux (but not all the peripherals are supported).  You can
replace the ISA modem with some el-cheapo NE2k clone NICs.  You can attach
a IDE hard drive.  You can build a level converter and get the two serial
ports to work.  You can run gdb remote debugging to the existing Webpal OS
(nice of the boys to leave that in!).







Mine is a testbed for learning about the ARM chip, so I'm more interested
in the hardware and low-level hacking.


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