[rescue] Sun Sparcserver 1000 question

James james at jdfogg.com
Fri Jan 3 10:14:34 CST 2003

Sounds like you still have a water problem. A wash with isoproponyl 
(isopropyl alcohol without any water in it) should do it. Use a soft 
bristle brush to work the alcohol under components. Use plenty and let it 
drain off the boards. Watch the alcohol on your hands, they will turn white 
from loss of skin oils. The alcohol will attach to any water molecules and 
ferry them away. Dry with a hair dryer. and let stand for a few days. Its 
risky, but you can also use "canned air" to quickly dry under components 
(the risk is in static charge generation, but I have used this technique 
many times with no problems).

This technique has been used in several manufacturing facilities I have 
worked in.

disclaimer: The isoproponyl is flammable, so be careful with the hairdryer. 
Labels and maybe some discrete component markings will be damaged. Inks, 
stamps and such will be washed off. Some board coatings (not common in 
computers) and any solder flux will be washed off (this is great for 
removing flux).

At 11:55 PM 1/2/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Okay looks like I was happy to early. The sparcserver
>comes up and all just I dont get no serial consoler nor
>a picture over the video card it has. It does all kinds of
>selftesting I belive and then LED's 1 and 2 stay green.
>On the front there is a green and a orange LED on.
>Any ideas?
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